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About Omnibox

About Omnibox


We set out to make the highest quality products we can. Overall our goal is to create an amazing experience above all else. We create products that we use ourselves, and often times our projects are born out of our own personal wants.

We believe in our products because we are also the customer for the things we create. If we aren't willing to buy it, we don't sell it. Everything is held to the standard of an actual customer looking for a product, this makes our projects optimized and functional, while also being reasonably priced.

Our Team

Our team so far consists of our two founders: Matthew Leu and Joseph Hollins. Two friends who have been passionate about these kinds of businesses since high school.

Matthew has business expertise, with experience in engineering, writing, and music. Odds are that many sweet tunes or epic plotlines in our projects were directed by him. He also keeps our projects on track and on task when timelines are complicated or scary.

Joseph has design expertise, with experience in engineering, graphic design, and VFX. He edits our website, watches social media, and supplies many of the graphical assets used in our projects.

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