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Chains of Acquisition is a real-time strategy game where players fight not with armies, but with superior economic strategy. Using cunning entrepreneurship, drive your opponents to bankruptcy as you expand control over the entire supply chain and optimize it for greater profits.

Chains of Acquisition features detailed simulations of supply and demand, stock trading, resource valuation, and inflation. Players can use any or all of these economic concepts to their advantage, as they manipulate the market to further their own goals.

Contrary to your standard RTS, ownership is not binary, strategic purchasing of shares is a core part of a player's strategy; loud conquest is overshadowed by quietly gaining widespread influence. Though, if the economic landscape doesn't suit your needs, build your own nodes in the chain from scratch, with total controlling interest.

Despite the detail available to the player, you don't need an economics degree to play this game. We strive to make the fundamentals easy to grasp for a low barrier to entry and fun at any skill level. That said, the simulation is so detailed to reward players that decide to delve into the art of market manipulation, a skill that stealthily wins games.

The game features modding support and a map editor. We designed Chains of Acquisition from the start with a low barrier to entry in mind when modding.

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