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The Launch of Our First Project

After quite awhile of planning and prototyping, we are finally ready to begin the Kickstarter for our project, Dwarven Dice. If you are interested in that, you can find the link Here

If not, or if curious, read on...

Our Dwarven Dice are a set of 7 solid metal dice that use dwarven runes instead of standard numbers. These runes can be easily translated, and eventually memorized, using the metal translation coin included with every set. Each set of 7 comes in a high quality, latched box, which you can reuse for anything you please.

Our inspiration for this project came from playing some of our favorite RPG games. I (the one writing this) was running a dwarf, and was in the market for some unique dwarf-themed dice simply for the flavor of it; it feels cool to roll interesting, unique dice. To my dismay there were few options, and anything beyond a very simple metal die was incredibly expensive, coming in at around $80 or even more. Non-metal dice were certainly cheaper but lacked the weight of metal, and in my case, the dwarven flavor. I settled with some regular metal dice, and they were cool, but it wasn't the same. The regular dice came in a cheap tin for the price, and as we later learned, so do most dice.

We committed to this project for cost-effective, flavorful dice in a custom design; the numbers are not stamped on to a pre-existing model, these have been designed from scratch with a dwarven theme in mind and we think it shows. Frustrated with the idea of premium dice coming in a tin at best, and cardboard at worst, we committed to quality packaging that could be reused for our dice or anything you wish. It's a token of an important purchase well made, like buying cookies that come in a tin.

Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed this snippet of our project's design process we plan on doing a longer write-up of the entire process, from conception to Kickstarter, very soon. There is a small version of this on our Kickstarter page as well. We hope you will consider supporting us in whatever form you choose!

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